To the extent that you purchase any goods or services directly from us, we will refund you your purchase price less tax and shipping fees within 6 weeks from the date of your purchase provided that you notify us in writing of your desire for the refund, together with the reason for the request and the return of the product. By requesting a refund, You agree to cease use and delete/destroy any electronic copies of any purchased content or other material, services or products in your possession. Product refunds require that the product be mailed back to our office. Daily Body Restore office locations can be found on our website and or by calling us at 1-800-380-9852. Refunds are limited to 1 (one) per household. No refunds will be sent to PO Boxes or anywhere outside of the United States. Proof of purchase is required. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to request a refund. Certain other restrictions may apply. Please note, however, that certain products and services mentioned on our site are sold by third parties or are linked to third party Web sites, and we have no responsibility or liability for those products or services. You may request a refund by contacting us at 1-800-380-9852 or via email at

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