Daily Body Restore® (DBR™) is a patent pending probiotic supplement that combines probiotics and digestive enzymes to help restore your body’s good bacteria, absorption of targeted nutrients which helps support digestive and immune health.* Developed by Kim Shafer for her family.


There are thousands of probiotic strains and species. Each one has a different function.

Our products were originally developed by DBR™’s founder, Kim Shafer for her family. She and her family had some health issues that certain enzymes and probiotics seemed to improve. The problem was that Kim had to buy multiple types of probiotics and digestive enzymes which was expensive and required taking a lot of supplements daily. Most if not all of those products had ingredients that Kim didn’t want. Ultimately a decision was made to formulate everything that she wanted but without artificial colors, flavors, dairy or gluten.

The digestive system has several parts working as a whole. In Kim’s opinion, absorbing nutrients from the food that we eat is as important as supplementing our good bacteria.

Enzymes Assist with Digestion of Proteins, Carbohydrates & Fats. She wanted to combine the multiple enzymes, two types of strains of probiotics (Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium) and multiple species of both probiotic strains. Kim wanted to supplement good bacteria in the small and large intestines.

Ultimately, in order to get what she wanted required using 19 ingredients (10 Enzymes and 9 Probiotics).

That’s a lot of ingredients in one capsule, but it makes it easier to use and more affordable than having to buy several products to get close to the same ingredients.


“DAILY BODY RESTORE®” to us is inclusive of restoring the body, mind and spirit on a daily basis.

Our founder believes that by utilizing our expertise, maintaining a personal approach, looking for advances in medical technology and science, allocating time and money for product studies, evaluating nutrition and exercise are key factors in our objective of improving the quality of health for ourselves and others.

Life experiences can shape who we become and the paths that we take. We know what it’s like to have health challenges. Some things are allowed to happen for a greater good. DBR™ would not have existed if we hadn’t experienced the ups and downs that led us here.

“We are blessed; we have faith and believe that Jesus has given us everything that we need to complete our mission”.



  1. We study our specific formulations**
  1. We prefer to schedule calls with our customers to discuss their individual needs, answer any questions and to help. Contact our team for any questions
  1. We develop products that our CEO and her family use themselves
  1. We partner with companies that offer services and or products that we believe can provide benefits to our customers.
  1. We offer discounted pricing to those that are active or retired public service employees and to approved customers that have a limited income**
  1. We use data from our studies and feedback from our customers to help us in our business growth