Kim Shafer CEO Daily Body Restore

A desire to help improve my family’s health led me on a quest to develop Daily Body Restore.

As a mother, I needed one supplement that contained both probiotics and digestive enzymes that I could provide my family DAILY. I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on multiple brands of digestive enzymes and probiotics and taking 10 or more capsules per day. Upon closer inspection of the “other” brand ingredients, many supplements added sugar, flour, artificial colors or flavors, gluten, soy and dairy. That didn’t work for me and I decided to do it myself.

Creating Daily Body Restore

I next spoke with experts in the supplement industry to find that many companies use lower cost/grade ingredients with additives. Further research and consultation with doctors led me to conclude I wanted a product that includes the best pharma grade ingredients that would be most effective and have maximum health benefits for my family and their health issues.

I have since devoted my life to creating a product that combines digestive enzymes and probiotics in lieu of prescription drugs with adverse side effects. Years of research and testing led to the formulation of Daily Body Restore; a comprehensive supplement with a multitude of health benefits that I REALLY feel good about using and giving to my family and friends.

The Enzymes

Enzymes are in saliva and all throughout the digestive system. Each enzyme has a purpose to break down a specific nutrient so that the body can better absorb and utilize it. There has been a lot of studies on the benefits of different types of enzymes. Various factors can impact your enzymes such as: genetics, stress, age,  food choices, medicines, travel and lifestyle choices. To me, enzymes are invaluable to a healthy lifestyle. Daily Body Restore selected 10 digestive enzymes that breaks down various types of proteins, carbs, sugar, fat, and fiber.

The Probiotics

The second component of DBR’s formulation includes probiotics (which are the good bacteria) that play a vital role in the digestive and immune systems and provide a balance for the gut’s good and bad bacteria. As with enzymes, different strains and species of probiotics all have specific benefits and areas of the digestive system they benefit. But which ones? Research pointed me toward 9 key probiotics strains targeting the small and large intestines.

Other Ingredients

The last component of a supplement is the “other” ingredients. Pay close attention to this area of labels as this is where “bad” ingredients might be added. DBR’s other ingredients are: Inulin which is a prebiotic, rice extract as a binder and the outer vegetable capsule. What we don’t have is any additives such as sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, artificial colors or flavors.

Validating and Testing: The Daily Body Restore Promise

Other brands use hype to justify having this strain or that strain or they create an untested concoction that could do more harm than good. Daily Body Restore strikes a balance with our formulation and our approach to clinically test and validate each ingredient as opposed to simply referencing research and literature. So, whether you are taking a product that has 1 ingredient or 19 ingredients like DBR has – I believe it’s important to perform studies on the complete formulation. Daily Body Restore promises to continue to conduct clinical studies to validate claims for diverse health benefits and applications.

DBR’s formulation is one that I feel great about taking and sharing with as many people as possible! Daily Body Restore has become a life-sciences company that is fact and evidence-based, and  provides a personal approach to business. Our mission is to develop and distribute what we believe are better products with only natural ingredients that we at Daily Body Restore take ourselves, along with our family and friends at an unbeatable price point.

One of my questions was, could we prove benefits from clinical studies?  The answer is “yes” and we have actually found outstanding results from our studies.  Daily Body Restore has been tested and provides the validated benefits, such as:

  • More energy and stamina, muscle tone
  • Improved patient lab work
  • Benefits the small and large intestines (to treat digestive issues)
  • Improved caloric intake for wide spectrum of consumers/patients that are underweight and overweight
  • Strong immune system benefits
  • Optimal absorption and utilization of proteins, fiber, fat, sugar and carbohydrates
  • Cholesterol blood lipid benefits, inhibits cholesterol synthesis and de novo fatty acid

Factors such as genetics, age, stress, finances, nutrition, medical issues, medicines and lifestyle choices can impact your health.  We recognize every customer has unique needs therefore may need assistance with how to  maximize “DBR” results.  This is why our team is available to answer any questions, speak with your doctor and at times provide study results if we believe that it will assist your doctor in evaluating if “DBR” is right for you.  Our experts, staff and I are dedicated to providing you and your family the products that we use ourselves. We encourage you to contact us or call us at 1-800-380-9852, whether you are a first time customer or have been using Daily Body Restore for years.

Eventually word started to spread and people were contacting us to ask where they could purchase DBR.  At first, we had to turn down a lot of people.  As time went on we felt guilty about not sharing DBR with others.  My family and I decided that if we were going to make DBR into a business that we would do our best to treat our customers like family.  It’s taken years of research, studies, commitment of time and money to get to where we are today.  What’s truly exciting is that the more studies that we complete on our formulations, the more health applications/benefits that we uncover and the more studies that we can conduct for validation.  In my opinion, we are truly blessed to have a product that’s impacting lives in a positive way.  By God’s grace, we are just getting started.

Many companies may reference or rely on past studies of a single Probiotic strain or species.  DBR may reference past studies as well when we are planning the protocol of one of our studies, but it’s important to test how our specific ingredients work together in our formulations.  We test our completed formulation and partner with top medical experts and outsourcing our study protocols to independent labs, companies or universities.

We believe that if every company developed products first for their family, that their priorities and how they operate their businesses would change for the better.  It isn’t easy competing with billion dollar competitors and I’ve never had a company website hacked so many times.  Of course it makes me ask the question of why this one? Ironic right?! Questions are what ultimately led us to develop DBR.  So let me set the record straight, we are extremely pleased with our products, we will not change the process of how we develop new formulations with our family in mind and our customers support us every step of the way.  I believe that we have the best customers in the world.  Some disclose personal details, their fears, frustrations but they also share their hope and triumphs.  They encourage us by going out of their way to say how much “DBR” has meant to them.  They are quick to tell the truth in their testimonies whether to their family, friends or strangers if they think it will help someone else.

We believe that God has blessed us to be in a position to help others.  We feel privileged to be able to have this type of relationship with our customers.  It’s also humbling to have medical experts that recognize “DBR” is unique and have helped us to excel with their assistance.  Some experts are paid for time and services while others have simply assisted us out of the kindness of their heart.

The body is comprised of both “good” and “bad” bacteria.  The idea is to maintain that healthy balance. A good comparison is washing your hands too much with antibacterial soaps. Some experts have expressed concerns on consumers using them excessively.  Unless a specific formulation is studied, I believe that common sense should lead you to be cautious.  We test DBR formulations and have found no reason to add additional amounts of probiotics to our formula. We are beyond satisfied with DBR benefits just the way they are.  Newer products on the market include more strains and higher CFU’s (20Billion and above) which should have all of us ask the questions such as, is more better and have those formulations been tested for efficacy and toxicity?


Developing DBR has been extremely fulfilling, but it’s also come with a lot of challenges.  Initially, I really didn’t have a clue of the amount of time and money that would go in to getting to where we are today.  Remember I originally developed DBR for my family.  When it came time to determine a the price for customers, we wanted to figure out a way to make it as affordable as possible.  Some of the factors that we considered from our own personal experience of having to buy multiple other products before we developed DBR.  Enzymes usually cost more than Probiotics.  If you go into a vitamin store, in order to get close to the amount of enzymes that DBR has you’re going to have to pay $40-$60+ a bottle.  To get the same amount of probiotics you’re going to pay anywhere between $25-$45 a bottle. Now consider the fact that DBR’s formulation has 19 ingredients, 10 digestive enzymes and 9 Probiotics.

At the very least it should retail around $65 so why did I substantially discount our MSRP?  It’s certainly not based upon the cost of goods, operations, the cost of studies or medical experts.  Most of our studies are based upon taking three capsules per day.  This being said, it was important to us to make sure that consumers could afford DBR.  We decided that we could make less profit margin, help others and grow the business through loyal customers that recognize the “DBR” difference.  Ultimately, we felt as though most customers could afford $29.95 per box.  We also offer special promotions, such as if you buy three boxes direct from us, you get one free.  Some of our customers have actually thought that we made a mistake with their order when they received an “extra” box but our team automatically includes the free box during shipping when the promotion is available.

Some of our customers may have factors that influence their ability to purchase DBR.  Whether it’s due to health issues that have caused them to stop working, they survive on disability checks, they are retired or they are in the military, whatever the factor may be, we will always try to provide an affordable pricing for customers that need extra assistance. If you would like to speak to us to see if you qualify, call us at: 1-800-380-9852.

I ask a lot of questions, one was why would anyone want sugar in their vitamins? With me, if I want sugar I will eat a dessert or a food that I know has sugar in it but I do not want sugar in my supplements. This is one of the reasons that “DBR” is not available in gummy bears. We don’t use or want artificial colors or flavors. For customers that can’t swallow a capsule, we recommend that you open a capsule and pour it into applesauce then eat it. Do not take “DBR” with any hot foods or beverages as it may destroy the enzymes and probiotics.