Dr. Christopher Leggett,
Daily Body Restore®
Medical Director

Dr. Christopher Leggett is a clinical academic interventional cardiologist. Dr. Leggett is a talented, dedicated and caring physician. He has been consistently recognized as one of America's leading physicians in the field of interventional cardiology.

Dr. Leggett has numerous scientific publications, participated regularly as a clinical investigator in national and international research trials.


Risen Magazine:
As a clinical academic interventional cardiologist, I'm sure you are asked to support many different organizations. Yet, you chose to become the Chief Medical Director for Daily Body Restore. What about this company made you want to get involved?

Dr. Leggett:
As we explore pathways to improve overall care, what we're consistently finding out is that there is more than one way to engage recovery and prevent disease. I believe it was spiritually divine that I met Kim Shafer who is the founder/CEO of Daily Body Restore (DBR). The work that she's done and her experience of the pathway that she is taking, developing this therapy, is remarkable.